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The Social Calls of Bats within the UK – Contributions Sought

posted 16 Aug 2012, 04:10 by Mark Rose
Neil Middleton, Andrew Froud & Keith French are working on finalising a new book “The Social Calls of Bats Within The UK”, and they would like to invite anyone with any appropriate material they may wish to contribute, to do so by contacting Neil Middleton by email at or phone (Tel: 0870 234 0002). All contributions used in the final version of the publication will be fully and properly acknowledged. The authors are keen to ensure that any such contributions are from known species, or species group, and in particular they are keen to acquire some additional material relative to the less common or less widely distributed species. They are happy to consider Time Expanded, Full Spectrum, Frequency Division or AnaBat recordings.
The Social Calls of Bats Within The UK
By Neil Middleton, Andrew Froud & Keith French
Paperback Book & Accompanying CD (Anticipated Retail Price – c.£30.00)
Due to be published – Summer 2013
Social calls relating to bats is an area that little is known about, with much research still required in order to further our understanding.  None the less, bat social calls are fascinating to listen to, complex and species specific. This book and CD summarises what is understood so far about social calls relating to a number of the bat species occurring within the UK, with some additional examples from mainland Europe. The authors and contributors have collected calls from throughout the UK and Europe, and it is anticipated that the material provided will be of benefit to people carrying out bat studies, and also enthuse others to carry out further research.  
To register your interest in purchasing a copy of the publication once it becomes available, please send an email to, and you will be kept up-to-date with developments and given advance notice of the specific publishing date.

This press release was taken from the BCT Bat Group Bulletin No. 84.