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January Members' Evening Review

posted 13 Feb 2012, 09:20 by Mark Rose
It was great that so many people turned out for an early January meeting at Swanwick – we think there were about 40 of us altogether including some new faces. The evening was billed as ‘Get Batting in 2012’ and we focussed
on ideas for some projects that might get folk into the field in the summer months ahead.

Firstly, we heard about progress being made in some of our existing work, including the monitoring of Greywell Tunnel roosts, projects in the New Forest – which is being expanded this year with the placing of nearly 100 bat boxes – an overview of the current sites monitored under BCT’s National Bat Monitoring Project (NBMP); and a resume of the work to build and expand our records’ database.

We then ran four break out sessions on:

• National Bat Monitoring Project (NBMP). Many members already monitor sites in this scheme across the county but there are more sites that need to be ‘adopted’. If we can get people without experience to buddy up with/shadow those who already have sites, then they might develop the confidence to take one on themselves.

• Bats and churches. Some of us are keen to start some work on surveying churches in the county, perhaps revisiting some sites that were assessed in the past. Lots of ideas were discussed and we hope to turn them into concrete ‘next steps’. Again, we hope to have mixed groups taking part, those with experience and those keen to learn.

• Bat Atlas. It would help direct and prioritise our work in the county if we could assemble our records into an HBG Bat Atlas. A lively discussion focussed on how best to progress this ambition, perhaps focussing on areas where we have the fewest number of records.

• Events and other sites. Each year we take part in a large number of events including shows where we take the Bat Stand to the public of Hampshire. I’m pleased that we already have volunteers coming forward to help and for the bat hospital as well. Some specific sites, such as Bursledon Brickworks have asked for our help and some members are signed up for this too.

We hope to follow up these sessions at the March meeting on 27th, also at Swanwick. In the meantime, if you didn’t make the meeting and are interested in any of the above, please contact a member of the committee (see contact list on the website). Or, if you have any ideas for something batty that you would like to initiate, please let us know.

Finally, I’m pleased to say that the bookstall raised about £55 ! If anyone has a good idea for fundraising, please let me know, especially if we can fit it into a members’ evening.

Lynne Ridler-Wall