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Happy Ending

posted 8 Oct 2013, 14:36 by N K   [ updated 8 Oct 2013, 14:36 ]
A heartwarming storey that came in from bat carer and Bat Group member Martyn Phillis. He received a call from Lovedean, Waterlooville, resulting in these two being brought in; a mum and baby common pipistrelle stuck together with a mysterious rubbery plastic substance.

Martyn couldn't separate them, so took them to the Hurstpierpoint Bat Hospital in West Susses. There, Amanda Millar put them under a microscope for half an hour or so, and carefully cut away the bond. Martyn then kept them until the baby could fly strongly with his mum, then released them back at Lovedean last month!
Well done Martyn and Amanda!