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Hampshire bat records break 11,000!

posted 26 Jul 2014, 00:29 by Mark Rose   [ updated 26 Jul 2014, 00:30 ]
Hampshire Bat Group are proud to announce that, as of this month, we've collected, verified and processed over 11,000 bat distribution records! This represents a dramatic rise over the past 12 months, reflecting in part the number of records coming in from:
- The bat care and rescue community
- The Bat Conservation Trust's National Bat Monitoring Programme data
- Natural England's volunteer Roost Visitors
- The AHVLA's disease surveillance scheme
- The continued efforts of our brilliant group members!

Distribution records are a vital aspect of the HBG's work. Not only does the data form the basis of population monitoring and targeting of conservation efforts, but the data, which is sold to ecological consultants working in planning and development, forms an essential part of our revenue stream, supporting our other charitable objectives (such as public education, habitat improvement, and injured bat rescue).