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An urgent request for records!

posted 7 May 2012, 14:56 by Mark Rose
With the arrival of May, albeit rather damp so far, we are now into the 2012 bat active season! This is an exciting time of year, as projects begin to gain momentum and our members start to report sightings and new roost locations!
It is also a very busy time of year, particularly for the Hampshire Bat Hospital. Over the coming months, scores of young bats will be admitted and many will be successfully nursed back to health. However, this is a costly business. The average bat in our care costs £9 per week just in feed!
As a charity, one of our main sources of income is through bat records, which generate funds via the Hampshire Biodiversity Information Centre. We therefore need as many members as possible get out there this month and record some sightings! Remember that there is no such thing as an insignificant record, all native bats are Biodiversity Action Plan priority species, so if you see a common pipistrelle feeding in your garden, report it! This is now easier than ever before using our online recording form.
Wishing everyone a very pleasant batting season,