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Alcathoe presentation

posted 10 Feb 2016, 09:54 by N K
Daniel Whitby has confirmed the title of the presentation he will be giving us on Thursday 25th February at Swanwick Lakes: "Alcathoe bat, the trials and tribulations of researching this cryptic species".  He adds "This talk will present and update the research and findings that have been conducted on Alcathoe bats since their discovery in the UK in 2010. This highly cryptic species is poorly researched and research is trying to improve our understanding this species without which we cannot begin to understand and hence conserve this species, something that has been hampered by its cryptic nature and often miss information on the species. We will look at how we can use our currently findings to target and progress future research to better understand this species."  As usual we intend to be greeting you all from 7 pm and starting the presentation at 7.30.