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Summer Volunteering Opportunities

posted 24 Apr 2021, 09:08 by N K   [ updated 4 May 2021, 07:08 ]

  In many ways we are at our busiest over the period from May to September. Here are some of the ways in which members can get involved:  
1. Bat care and rehabilitation - contact our bat care co-ordinators for details and training.  
2.  Erecting and checking bat boxes - currently for our North Hampshire bat box project, led by Graeme Sheppard.  
3.  Bat survey training - regular sessions led by Rick Sharp at the Itchen Valley Country Park. The first survey will be on Saturday 8th May.  
4.  National Bat Monitoring Programme - contact Nik Knight or else directly to BCT.  
5.  Representing us at public events - led by Ann Evans. We hope that these will be running again later in the summer.
  For all activities, contact me and I can put you in touch with the leaders.
  Nik Knight recordshantsbats(at)

Natterer's bat hibernation presentation

posted 30 Mar 2021, 02:10 by N K

  Our next meeting will be on Tuesday evening, 13th April by Zoom. Ruth Holland will give us a presentation on the 'Activity of hibernating Natterer's bats within Privett Tunnel, Hampshire'. That will be preceded by our Annual General Meeting, which will include a brief review of the past two years and the election of our committee. As usual, we will send a Zoom invitation to all our members.

Nathusius' pipistrelle migration presentation

posted 24 Feb 2021, 02:33 by N K   [ updated 24 Feb 2021, 02:34 ]

  Adrian Bicker will give us a presentation on his research into the migration of Nathusius' pipistrelles and his use of AudioMoth static detectors. This will be an online presentation via Zoom, on the evening of Tuesday 23rd March. All our members will receive an invitation by email.

Zoom Meeting 23rd February

posted 10 Feb 2021, 07:31 by N K

  We will be holding an online members' meeting in the evening of Tuesday 23rd February, when Ali Binet and Liz Walsh will give us a presentation on 'Channel Islands Bats'. All our members will receive a Zoom invitation.

Hampshire Bat Group meetings move online

posted 3 Feb 2021, 08:41 by N K

  As we remain unable to hold our members' meetings in person, we have decided to hold our next three meetings online using Zoom. These are scheduled for Tuesdays 23rd February, 23rd March and 13th April. Please look out for more announcements and emails from our Membership Secretary.

North Hampshire Bat Box Project

posted 16 Jan 2021, 07:27 by N K   [ updated 16 Jan 2021, 07:32 ]

  This has got off to a very good start, with sites for the first bat boxes being surveyed and the initial batch of woodcrete boxes received.  We are most grateful to the North Wessex Downs Sustainable Development Fund for a generous grant towards the project.  For full details, see our Projects page - What we do/HBG Projects.

Winter Bat Survey

posted 30 Oct 2020, 08:24 by N K   [ updated 30 Oct 2020, 08:54 ]

  What do bats get up to between November and March?  They are not hibernating continuously.  We are launching a winter bat activity survey and hope that all our members will be able to take part.  Just go outside with your detector on mild, dry evenings and let us know what you discover.  Sadly we will not be able to carry out any of our usual hibernation surveys this winter, but that is no reason for us not to enjoy gathering information about our bats.  For more details, contact our County Recorder at recordshantsbats(at)

Our meetings 2020 to 2021

posted 26 Sept 2020, 12:35 by N K

  Sadly, the continuing pandemic has caused us to cancel all the meetings that we had planned for the remainder of this year. We have made provisional bookings of the Swanwick Lakes Study Centre for Tuesdays 23rd February, 23rd March and 13th April 2021 in the hope that we will be able to meet then.

BatFest 2020

posted 16 Aug 2020, 02:48 by N K   [ updated 16 Aug 2020, 02:49 ]

Sign up for BatFest, which runs from 29th August to 30th September.  This feast of online events and activities is organised by the Bat Conservation Trust and includes the National Bat Conference plus many other features.  Celebrate these remarkable animals with bat enthusiasts worldwide!  All the details are on the BCT's website Events page.

Gilbert White 300

posted 12 Jul 2020, 03:52 by N K   [ updated 12 Jul 2020, 03:54 ]

Celebrate Gilbert White's 300th birthday on 18th July with online events. See:   Rev. Gilbert White of Selborne was the first to describe the noctule bat and may have cared for a brown long-eared.

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