Have you found a grounded bat?
Phone the Bat Conservation Trust helpline: 0345 1300 228. They will try to put you in touch with the nearest available bat carer. For more information, see our 'What we do - Bat Care and Rescue' page.
Our team of Hampshire bat care coordinators: batcarehantsbats(at)

Hampshire Bat Group Board of Trustees 
Chair  -  Nik Knight  -  recordshantsbats(at)
Membership Secretary  -  Ruth Holland  -  membershantsbats(at)
Treasurer  -  Nicola Pyle
  -  treasurerhantsbats(at) 
County Recorder  -  Nik Knight  -  recordshantsbats(at)
Projects Coordinator  -  Victoria Russell - projectshantsbats(at)
Committee Secretary - vacant
Member  -  Natalie Boote
Member - Rick Sharp
Member - Dr Matt Clarke

Email addresses
To use our email addresses substitute @ for (at).

A position on the HBG committee is a demanding but rewarding role. If you would like to contribute to the running of our charity, please contact the current Chair or come and chat to any of the committee at the next meeting.

Our newsletter is edited by Sheila and Cathy Dyason. We aim to produce two editions per year, in the Spring and Autumn. Please send your contributions to

Webmaster  -  Nik Knight - recordshantsbats(at)