Species Distribution Data

Please select from the list below our most recent consolidation of Hampshire bat distribution data, mapped to 2 km grid square precision. Each map includes records from 1990 until April 2019, drawing data from individual reports, Natural England Roost Visitors and the National Bat Monitoring Programme, and representing a total of over 34000 records.

If you have bat records, we want to hear from you! There's no such thing as an insignificant record, and with population monitoring one of the primary charitable objectives of the Hampshire Bat Group, we want to hear from everyone with data to contribute to our database. We also provide bat data to Ecological Consultants, whose job it is to determine the impacts of new developments to wildlife. Not only is it vital that we can provide consultants with up to date accurate data, but this service provides a vital revenue stream to support our other charitable activities.

If you have bat records, you can submit these easily via our dedicated webpage. If you would like to request bat distribution data, please contact Nik Knight, the County Recorder for bats, on recordshantsbats(at)gmail.com.