Bat Sightings and Records

A vital aspect of the Hampshire Bat Groups work is the collation and dissemination of bat sightings and records throughout the county. There are many areas of Hampshire where we hold no records of bats at all, yet this almost certainly does not reflect the true picture of bat distribution. To successfully conserve our county's bats we must first establish the size and locations of current bat populations. This data can then be used to monitor how bat populations respond to the threats and pressures they face.

All bat records within and immediately surrounding Hampshire are gratefully received. If, on the other hand, you wish to make a request for bat distribution data, please contact Nik Knight (Hampshire County Bat Recorder) using

In early 2014, the Hampshire Bat Group was proud announce a formal switch to the highly innovative Living Record system, developed by Adrian Bicker in neighbouring Dorset, to manage the submission and management of bat distribution records in Hampshire. This really is a fantastically straightforward and effective application, that we're very excited to have available, allowing you to literally drop records onto an aerial image.

You can log into the Hampshire Bat Group Team on Living Record in the window below. If it's your first time, there are instructions below the window on how to get started, once you've signed up to receive a username and password. At the bottom of this page you can download the Living Record user guide, should you have need of it.

We appreciate that, for professional bat surveyors in particular, when dealing with large datasets it can be preferable to submit one, large spreadsheet of your record data. If this applies to you, please use the excel spreadsheet attached at the bottom of this page and submit directly via email to recordshantsbats(at) Please note that any deviation in the formatting can greatly increase the processing time (and headache!) for our hard working Recorder, so if you could please use the spreadsheet provided this would be greatly appreciated!

New to Living Record? The following guidance is provided for new users before they enter their first records.
Selecting subjects using Subjects in the Options page:
Step 1: Select any extra subjects you want to record below. 
Step 2: Customise each subject. Choose between common and scientific names.
Then open the Records page and follow the guidance on how to add your first record.

Entering records using the Records page:
Ready to enter your first record?
The Enter Records link to the left opens the map.
Help icons below the map are provided to give extra information and guidance.

Step 1
Add a location marker to the map to indicate where before you enter what you saw.
The 3 alternative ways to add a location marker are described below the map.
Confirm the position of the new marker and enter at least a description for the location.
Step 2
Click the Add New Records link at the foot of the page. You can add a series of records 
for the same location. As each is added, it joins the list of records shown below. Use the 
small icons to the right of these records to edit or delete them as necessary.

When there are no more records to add for this location, deselect it by clicking the marker
or clicking the map. Repeat the process above to add the next location marker.

Note that you can redisplay your existing records for any location by clicking the marker.

                                                            THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

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